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Eye Health Matters

For the majority of the UK population our vision is rated as the most important of all our senses so we must ensure we look after our eyes.

We have information, products & advice to help reduce the symptoms of common eye accidents and conditions & help promote better eye health.

We care about your eye health. Our technology and staff are equipped to detect not just problems with your eyes but health issues too, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

We recommend:

Whatever your age and however fine your eyes feel, we recommend you have your vision checked at least once every two years, unless your i-Optix Optometrist recommends more frequent visits.

We recommend that all children and people aged over 70 have an eye test every year – or more often if recommend by our optometrists.

A regular eye test does a lot more than check whether your eyesight needs correcting. It’s also a vital health check that can pick up early signs of eye conditions such as glaucoma, as well as detecting underlying general health problems.

To discuss any aspect of your eye care just drop in, call us, or email us.

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