96 Drummond Street, Euston, London NW1 2HN, United Kingdom
Open hours: Tue-Fri 10:30 - 17:30 | Sat 10:30 - 17:30

Chic, Boutique, Unique

These are some of the words that describe this city boutique Eye-care Centre tucked away on the Euston Station end of Drummond Street, only a stone’s throw away from world renowned institutions such as UCL-London’s Global University and the Wellcome Trust, and is well connected to major public transport hubs: Euston, Euston Square & Warren Street.

In addition to all the usual services, one would expect from their Eye-care Center opticians, you will notice a relaxed yet efficient approach to patient care and attention to detail is what sets this independent practice apart.

The beautifully decorated display area redefines the meaning of style and comfort.

As soon as you step in, its essence will surely set the tone for an enjoyable experience, and added to that the personal touch you’ll get from the highly knowledgeable staff, makes life so much easier when it comes to choosing from ever increasing choices of eye-care services and products.

The practice have had undergone a complete refit of high-tech testing equipment to ensure patients get the best diagnostics available out there. And as an independent practice, it is not restricted to any number of manufacturers or brands they can stock, giving customers the edge on uniqueness to stand out from the crowd; or simply to lead the way with the newest article from well-known brands before the rest of the market follows suit.

Owing to this concept, the practice is the only stockist of many unique articles and the only official retailer within a large region of Central London for Silhouette eyeglasses with access to top-notch eye wear the industry has to offer. It has always been a people’s favourite. Made from high-quality materials, i-Optix collections of branded frames are suitable for prescription lenses of all types. The fact that Silhouette have won the trust of NASA experts by becoming its primary provider of eyeglasses says it all!

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